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Carlton Physiotherapists are now taking appointments. Conveniently located just outside the Melbourne CBD in Rathdowne Place. At AHP Connect, our team of highly-qualified physio are dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Our physiotherapy services combine professional expertise, your preferences, and the current best available science. We operate inside an evidence-based model of care to generate better patient outcomes and improve quality of life. 

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Our health and wellness centre services all ages with a range of treatments. Learn more about our health services today to discover how we can assist you.

Carlton Physiotherapy Centre

Just a few kilometres from the heart of the Melbourne CBD, our North Carlton physio clinic is a stylish and newly refurbished centre located inside the Rathdowne Place residence.

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AHP Connect is a multi-disciplinary wellness centre and boasts experienced physiotherapists with a passion for musculoskeletal and rehabilitative health. We are co-located in Australian Unity communities, so our clients can easily access high quality healthcare. Our clients range from post-surgery patients to people looking to improve their overall strength and quality of life. 

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AHP Connect offers a wide range of comprehensive allied health services for older Australians in various settings.